a little bit about me!

because you're looking for a photographer who:

because you're looking for a photographer who:

sees your love through the lens of all of its whimsical, wonderful romance

helps you and your partner feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera

plans a unique-to-you session or wedding day that results in authentic images

has a passion for nostalgia that translates through your highly personalized experience

i'm your gal!


because i've felt that way before, too.

You could say I've always been a bit of a nostalgic human. I've loved collecting moments in tangible ways since a young age, and it was when I lived my own wedding season that I fell head over heels in love with photography as just one of the ways to cherish a memory. When I look back at my own photos, I get super emotional and feel EVERYTHING from that day-- the intimacy of my laughs with Jake, the pure chaos of getting married in the Arizona desert in my wedding dress and hiking boots combo, the prayers our families and friends spoke over our marriage with the mountains behind us, the epic dance battle at our reception, and the even more epic end-of-the-night pool jump with our favorite humans. It's all right there at my fingertips when I flip through the photos, and I wanted to help other couples preserve their love the same way mine is now preserved to show my grandkids years from now. 

because you want a photographer with a different point of view

My unique approach

I’ll, of course, be capturing the big moments in your adventurous romance, but I’ll also be looking for the beautiful, in-between moments that you couldn’t possibly have planned for.

Here’s the truth of it: Who you choose to capture your wedding day is beyond important. This is not only the human you’re trusting to document the ins and outs of one of the biggest days of your life, but someone you’re going to be spending a lot of time with. I want you to feel cared for, celebrated, and supported as a couple every step of the way, and my highly-creative, unique approach as a documentary-style photographer is designed to reflect that.

My entire process is centered around making sure your most cherished moments are handled with the utmost of care and preparation, as well as just getting you excited for the biggest day of your life!

We will craft a timeline and shot list that is adventurous and creative and completely and totally YOU. 

book your

because I want you to have your photos plastered all over your walls, too.

| Photography by Mads Lizotte
| Editing by Caitlin Harle

because we're about to be best friends...

some fun facts about me!

Visiting Paris has always been one of my biggest dreams, but mostly because I heard a song about it once.

On my days off, I like to frequent local coffee shops for their daily special and chat with complete strangers.

I am not (that) embarrassed to say I've seen La La Land more times than I can count on both hands, even though I don't typically watch movies more than once.

i can't wait to learn more about you!

some fun facts
about me!

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I'm here for the imperfect shots, the oh-my-gosh-did-I-seriously-just-get-that-on-camera frames, and every moment in between.

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